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Mobile access towers are distinguished by their vertical, single-bay configuration supported by four legs and wheels. These towers possess the capability to extend up to 8 meters in outdoor settings and reach heights of 12 meters when used indoors. Their hallmark lies in their easy assembly and disassembly, making them lightweight and highly portable structures. Moreover, these towers come equipped with collective fall prevention measures, ensuring enhanced safety during use.

It's no wonder that they are extensively used across workplaces worldwide, catering to a diverse spectrum of professionals. This includes those in roles such as facilities managers, signage companies, stonemasons, and event organizers, showcasing their widespread applicability across various industries and domains.

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Towers for Users course

Completing the Towers for Users course provides you with specialized knowledge essential for safely operating mobile access towers. Attend a single day authorized The Safety First training under the guidance of a skilled instructor and return to your work environment equipped with;

  • How to safely assemble, dismantle, alter and move mobile access towers
  • How to safely use mobile access towers
  • How to inspect mobile access towers
  • How to identify hazards relating to their use
  • What legislation, regulations and guidance are applicable to these towers

For those just entering the world of towers or seeking tower training for the first time, Towers for Users stands out as the perfect introductory course. This particular course serves as our flagship program, attracting over 4,000 delegates annually.

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What's Covered?

Through a combination of theory and practical work, you will learn about:

  • Work at height responsibilities of employers, employees and suppliers
  • Standards affecting the manufacture and use of mobile access towers
  • Where to find crucial safety information
  • When it’s safe to use a mobile access tower, and when it’s not
  • Carrying out pre-use checks and post-assembly inspections on mobile access towers
  • Assembling and dismantling a mobile access tower using approved methods 
  • Good practices for the safe use of mobile access towers
  • Accessing a platform safely
  • Moving a mobile access tower
  • The components used in a mobile access tower
  • Identifying hazards in the work environment
  • Avoiding personal health hazards

Earn Your The Safety First Card

Your training instructor will ensure that you receive comprehensive course materials, available in both electronic and printed formats, including the course notes and an Operator Code of Practice. These resources will be valuable for your future reference and continued learning. 

Upon successful completion of both the theory and practical segments of the course, you will be awarded The Safety First Card and Certificate. This card is a valuable asset, as it can significantly expand job opportunities across various industries. Make sure to emphasize this credential to potential employers.

Is This the Right Course For Me?

This course is appropriate for individuals who anticipate using mobile access towers, either in a domestic or professional capacity. This includes but is not limited to:

  • Those individuals who lack prior experience with towers
  • Individuals currently utilizing towers but lacking formal training in their use
  • Those individuals who are retaking the course are doing so due to the expiration of their earlier qualification.

This course is specifically tailored for operatives. However, if you hold a managerial or supervisory role over operatives, consider enrolling in the Towers for Managers course instead. 

Moreover, if you are involved with low-level access equipment, you have the option to complete this course concurrently with the Low-Level Access training. By undertaking the combined course, you can attain both qualifications within a single day!